Myths and Facts about Jailbreaking iPhone 4/4s

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There are countless of possibilities in science and technology that most people simply cannot miss.
One of the bests of which may be getting your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or iPad jailbroken to free your gadget from the limitations, restriction, and censorship imposed by Apple. Jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to enjoy thousands, if not millions of applications available out there that you may not enjoy if you stick with downloading apps via the Apple App Store.

Apple imposes restriction on their products to encourage company patronage, but you don’t have to bother your conscience any longer. The practice of jailbreaking has long been legalized and accepted in many parts of the world and is actually gaining more support from millions of users who have seen its advantages and benefits.

Jailbreaking is a procedure similar to hacking or gaining access to the Operating System of your iPhone 4s/4 so you can modify it your way. It enables users not only of iPhone 4s, but also of other iDevices to be customized according personal preference.

Jailbreak your iPhone 4/4s now: Your Benefits

The things you can do with a jailbroken iPhone 4s include customizing your phone by downloading new themes, retrieving new new lock screens, installing 3rd party software that Apple App Store normally does not allow you to implement, and watching downloaded movies and TV shows. Jailbreaking undoubtedly increases the satisfaction among consumers by increasing the functionality of their iPhone 4s.

Jailbreaking, which is a requirement for unlocking the iPhone, is also beneficial to iPhone 4s/4 owners who cannot utilize their iPhone when travelling to another country. An unlocked iPhone also enables iPhone owner to makes use of any GSM network provider.

To jailbreak iPhone 4s does not mean you are restricted from buying applications from the Apple App Store. This is one misconception that results in hesitancy among several users to go ahead with jailbreaking their iDevices.

Many developers of jailbreak iPhone 4/4s software have already found a way to make jailbreaking reversible so that you can return to the default factory settings whenever you want to.

Returning to the default setting is advisable if something goes wrong to your iPhone, as reversing enables users to still make use of the warranty that is most commonly attached to brand new iPhone4s and other iDevices. Returning it to its factory state is as easy as when you jailbreak it.

Jailbreak an iPhone 4s in approximately five minutes!  A lot of software programs are available on-line: some are free, some are not. The choice is yours, though websites offering jailbreak software for a fee guarantee their customers of high quality and a return-money policy if their products do not work on your iPhone. Multi-tasking is something you cannot just do in any ordinary iPhone but when you jailbreak your iPhone 4/4s, it simply becomes possible.

Jailbreak your iPhone 4/4s: The Myths

Many conservatives discourage iPhone users from jailbreaking their devices for not so many reasons. Choosing between the advocates or the opposition still lies on who sounds more convincing to you.

But from the testimonies of various users who blogged their jailbreak iPhone 4s experience, here are some myths about jailbreaking iPhones.

The device will Brick

First issue that must be clarified is the belief that jailbreaking will brick the device or will render the iPhone useless after the jailbreak.  A bricked phone is when the device is deactivated preventing you to use it. Jailbreaking will not brick your phone. After the jailbreak, it will function like how it used to.

                It is illegal

In the United States, jailbreaking is considered legal. Various reports say that jailbreaking is gaining support from other countries and some, in fact, have started embracing it as a legal practice.

                The Warranty will be Voided

As mentioned earlier, most developed software have the reversible feature so if you need the gadget brought to the iPhone store for hardware problems, you can simply reverse the process without leaving a trace.

                Jailbreaking promotes piracy

Committing piracy is not the reason jailbreaking came into being. The main goal is to give the users access to other applications that they may find useful to them. But to patronize pirated software is a decision you make.

                You can no longer access Apple Apps

Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 does not prevent Apple apps from working perfectly in your iPhone. In fact, you do not become restricted from visiting the Apple App Store and purchase original Apple App products even if you jailbreak your phone.  Apple does not block users who jailbreak their iPhone.

                Battery life is shortened

Many believe that jailbreaking has no effect on the performance of the battery nor it has effect on the speed of the device.  Although some say that it can shorten battery life and affect system stability because some applications have constant run system.

Experts’ warning

Knowing the pros and cons of the product or service you think of buying or subscribing to is always helpful to give balance in decision making.

The fact that iPhone 4s was released only recently, about a few months ago, might mean the release of the jailbreak software is too early.

Experts raise security and quality concerns because they believe that there was not enough time to develop an absolutely good -quality jailbreak software program for iPhone 4/4s.

Experts also warn that the creators of the iPhone 4s/4 placed some restrictions in the iPhone 4/4s that even if you are allowed to install a 3rd party software, you may not be able to utilize it since jailbreaking only allows you to freely install these applications.

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