Hi there. I’m Angus, and I own an iPhone 4s. It’s my first iPhone ever and I love it – everything from using the GPS to getting Siri to send texts for me is exciting!

Even before I had an iPhone I heard people talk about how to Jailbreak their phones. And so naturally when I got mine, I tried to do the same thing. Uh oh – that wasn’t the best idea! First off, it took me way way too long to figure out what the hell I’m even supposed to do. You see, I may know how to put a website up (I learnt how to do it in a course) but I’m nothing close to a computer wiz. And I realized that to get a jailbreak to work right, there are a lot of options you need to navigate through and ‘get right’. It made me really nervous… But I ended up really adamant to get my iPhone liberated.. To be able to use it for all these functionalities Apple didn’t want me to use. It was MY phone now, not Apple’s right?

I’ll spare you the details, but it took me 5 separate attempts to get it right, and about the same amount of hours – five!

After I figured out how to Jailbreak my phone some of my friends asked me to do it. And that was when I found there were a few different kinds of Jailbreak Software for the iPhone 4s. Friendly, step by step, no risk Jailbreaks. I ended up Jailbreaking 7 of my friends devices (different models РiPhone 4, 4s and 3G) , I found some pieces of software that worked really well for me. Then I realized that I can save the time I wasted to other people who are just trying to figure it out Рso I created this site.

I hope you like it, and I’m really interested in hearing what you say – so please share your thoughts with me.

And to get what you came here for, check out the best 3 iphone 4s Jailbreak programs.

Enjoy your liberated Apple device!

Angus Bonn